Great Divide Basin

Day 58Drove into Wyoming early this morning after a few hours of sleep in the back of the rental car with Paperweight. Chipmunk cowboy camped on the top of the metal picnic table. The view of Irish Canyon on road 10N was beautiful and a delight to see in the morning hours. We cruised along seeing a badger, suicidal prairie dogs, and lots of pronghorn! The gravel road led us into Wyoming with no welcome sign to be seen. We stopped in Rock Springs for breakfast at Denny’s since we still had some time before turning in the car. At the airport, we learned only one flight comes in today and it would be tough to hitch out. So the Avis employee drove us back into town near the on ramp where we stuck out our thumbs. It’s over a 90 mile hitch to Rawlins. Never hitched this far before. Within an hour we were riding in a pick up truck towards the town we needed to get to. When suddenly, his car began making noise and he needed to get off the highway. We ended up stuck in Wamsutter, WY which is a gas station right off the highway. We spent over three hours attempting to get an over 30 mile ride to Rawlins which is the next town. We failed going inside the gas station and ordering food. We looked into taxis costing over $100 and no public transit so back to hitching. It took a little less than an hour for a kind man to rescue us. Cool guy that was transporting a fully functionally printed 3D where we got to peek at in the trailer. We began the road walk out of Rawlins excited to be on the CDT again as we turned off the highway and onto a dirt road. So began the herds of pronghorns running away from us. They are beautiful creatures and I never got close enjoy to get a good picture. We hiked on as the wind blew and the evening cooled off. Parts of the trail was cross country then reconnected to a road. It’s nice to be on the trail again, but I didn’t expect it to be Wyoming. We hiked late until it began getting dark and actually set up on the trail which is a two lane road. No rain fly on the tent today.

Day 59-62

The Great Divide Basin is known for being a dry desert. The flowers were blooming and all the water sources were reliable for us during the last week of June. There were baby pronghorn, wild horses, and calves. We came across one group of over 100 wild horses and others spread about. One let us pet him as I wished I could ride home. It was a magical place of an endless trail heading towards the horizon. You would climb up to see the trail ahead for miles. The animals and flowers made the hike enjoyable. I really don’t mind desert hiking. The last two days were horrible with mosquitoes that it was unreal. Every night we camped on the trail without a rain fly sleeping wonderfully. We walked in the low 20s for miles each day enjoying desert sunsets and a nice moon rise from inside the tent. I enjoyed this section, but doubt I would hike it again. My feet ached each day and when the wind want blowing it was almost unbearable. We hiked 120 miles quickly and will be able to jump ahead when we return in hot August. This plan may work out great and it’s nice to have no long desert sections left. We walked closer and closer to the Winds where we will be in a few weeks admiring their beauty, but snowy Colorado will come first.

Day 63

We walked into my favorite town so far Atlantic City, WY along a road. The town was at the bottom of the hill and full of cute homes. The Miners Grubstake was the place to be with fun owners and a cool vibe. I had a delicious breakfast then a stuffed burger that blew my mind for lunch. Chocolate Chipmunks parents had planned to visit her in Coloroado having booked a cabin in Creede, Co. Her dad offered to pick us up there making an additional 9 hour drive two ways for us. He showed up and we bought him a burger before we began a 140ish mile ride back to Rawlins to spend a night at the hotel. I hate all the car riding but I’m seeing even more of the country this way. We booked rooms, showered and ate at a Thai restaurant. Her father’s treat and it was delicious before retiring to our hotel rooms.

Day 64

Drove back to Colorado today leaving a bit after 6 and have a McDs breakfast as well. He drove the main roads so it was a completely different view and beautiful as we passed through a few trail towns I will see later. It was a nice day of riding and rest. We did the Basin quick and my body felt it. We got to Creede before 4 doing a few chores then heading to the cabin. She has wonderful parents and a cute little dog. So began the spoiling session. We had homemade meats balls and pasta for dinner with bread and garlic butter. Along with beers and great conversation. Sitting in the cabin watching the snow melt on the mountains with wonderful company. It feels good to be back in Colorado.

Day 65

Zero day in Creede with Chocolate Chipmunk’s parents. We walked around downtown Creede enjoying a day off and did our grocery shopping. Relaxing day with three homemade meals and even a nap. This is the life of a thru hiker. Tomorrow we retry the spot where we bailed, but today we rest. 


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