PCT Blog Posts

Hello California

Border to Mt. Laguna

To Julian

To Warner Springs

To Mike’s Place

Pancakes, brutal heat, and laughter

To Idyllwild

Climbing my first 10,000 foot mountain

Trail Angels and water


To Big Bear

Zero in Big Bear and margaritas

Back to the trail

Snow and Hot Springs

Sunny with a lake

To Cajon Pass

To Wrightwood

Mt. Baden Powell

Welcome to the 400s

Snowy, windy desert day

Zero in Palmdale

Avoiding Poodle Dog Bush

Agua Dulce

Beauty everywhere

Casa De Luna

Powerhouse Closure

To Hikertown

La Aqueduct and Sand Angels

Trail Magic

Sun Breaks

Tehachapi and Mojave

Hot days and beauty

Hike On


Living the dream

Hitchhiking and language barriers

Back to hiking

Last day in the desert

Kennedy Meadows and only bear sighting

Into the High Sierra

Big day in the High Sierra

Chicken Spring Lake

Nearing Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney

Forester Pass

Kersarge Pass and road trip into Yosemite

29th Birthday

A bad fall and a few passes

Mather Pass

Muir Pass

Hot Springs across a ford at Muir Ranch

Selden Pass

Silver Pass

To Mammoth Lake

Devil’s Post Pile

Tuolumne Meadows

Lakes and smiles

Rivers and fords

Welcome to the 1,000s

Sonora Pass and Independence

An exposed campsite and a storm

Solo time on the PCT

4th of July and magic

Celebrate and hikers galore

Fun time in town now back to the trail

New friendships and Dick’s Pass

Hail hurts

Fun on trail and in Truckee

Low miles and big smiles

Just walking North

To Sierra City

Into the 1,200s

Trail maintainers are the best

Soaking in the river

Campsite on a ridge

Belden Rave

Halfway to somewhere and town magic

My first geyser visit

Hat Creek Rim

Into Burney and best trail magic setup ever

Burney Falls

Admiring Mt. Shasta

Trail family

Into Shasta and more magic

First buffet and a food coma

July was spectacular

Epic sunrise, fishing, and a lake bath

New friendship and lots of miles

Hazy warm summer days

Into Etna and a zero

Hello 1,600s

Beauty and burn sections

Seaid valley aka State of Jefferson

Hello Oregon

Ashland and double zeros

Going back home to the PCT

Sleeping under the stars

Lava rocks

Day of thoughts

Crater Lake is on fire and trail is closed

Getting around the fire closure

Wonderful conversations and lakes

To Shelter Cove

A swim, a ski shelter, and magic at a lake

Tour of the lakes

The possibilities

Bend, OR I could live here

Lava rocks and sunshine

2,000 miles down

Sunny and a bee sting

Chilly and rainy

Cold and rain makes a 30 mile day

Timberline Lodge, buffet, a tour, and admiring Mt Hood

Hello September

Eagle Creek Trail

Portland, OR road trip

Hello Washington

Just walking thru Washington


Mountains everywhere

PCT reopens after many fires

Mt. Adams

Goat Rock Wilderness

Knife’s Edge, a swim, and trail magic

Restful day in Whites Pass and a few miles

Snow and Mt. Rainier National Park

Walking in a winter wonderland

Heading North

Mice attack and into Snoqualmie

Climbing in wind and rain

Soaking in views and being soaked

Hello sunshine

Into Skykomish

The end is near

Fall in Washington

Rainy with a few rays of sun

Icy and more tree jumping

Beauty all around me

Into Stehekin

A life I love

Best September of my life

October 1st and nearing the end

I’m a PCT Thru Hiker